After many decades of operation,
we have decided it is time to retire.



Interlight is closing as of June 28th, 2018.



To our loyal customers, we have made arrangements with the following firms to carry some of our product lines:

Illumineer Luminart Lighting Design Inc.
1911 Albion Road 73 Industrial Parkway North, Unit 1
Etobicoke, ON M9W 5S8 Aurora, ON, L4G 4C4
Contact: Gerald Lue ( Contact: Sam Ruscica (
T: 416.251.2226 T: 416.780.9775
Linealight Group (linea light    i-lèd    ma[&]de    tràddel ) biffi luce   aqlus   egoled   Light 4   tossb   disegnoluce
Luci Italiane (morosini   evi style)



We wish to thank you for your business over the last +35 years, and hope you continue to enjoy your lighting for many years to come.